Got a Problem Drinker?

A Teen Drug User?

An Alcoholic Addict?

Alcoholics and addicts are everywhere.

In just the USA there are 50 million family members and friends affected by an alcoholic's or addict's self abusive behavior.

World wide there are one billion!

You are not alone.

Whatever your particular circumstances, you’ve taken the first step by admitting that there is a problem. Congratulations! The hardest step in getting help for your family's alcoholic or addict problem is admitting that the problem exists.

I know. It took me five years to admit that I had a problem! Five years of increasingly abusive behavior on the part of my alcoholic addict wife before I was able to get over my own stubborn belief that I could control her behavior. Five years of denial that there was a problem.

What will you find here?

In these pages you will find lessons I learned from people who have been where you are right now. People who were depressed, angry, sad, frustrated or suicidal because of their loved one’s drinking or drugging behavior. People who had lost all hope yet have since discovered ways to bring happiness back into their lives.

Although there are similarities between each alcoholic or addict family situation, each also has its own unique characteristics. No one approach is right for all situations. It is my hope that in these pages you will find ideas that you can tailor to your particular situation.

Why this web site was built?

When I first admitted that I had a problem with my alcoholic addict wife’s drinking and drug use, I went looking for information. And found very little. There was lots of information for alcoholics and addicts but very little for the family and friends who are affected by their drinking or drugging behavior.

During my search for information and ideas about how to deal with my alcoholic addict wife, a lot of people shared their lessons with me. I made myself a promise that one day I would pass on the lessons that I learned.

How is the information organized?

When I started looking for answers I had many questions. As a result I have organized much of the information provided in a question and answer format. Information is also organized in more traditional ways, but the question and answer approach seemed to work best for sharing much of the information that is gathered here.

So, to get started, choose a topic from the index on the left, or go to the alcoholic addict family's Master Question List and pick the question you most want answered first.

And remember, if you were not a loving, compassionate person, you would not be here looking ways to make life better for you and your loved ones.

Did you find this site useful?

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For Drug Abusers

If you are a drug abuser looking for information, this site has some information for you. However, for more a more in depth look from the point of view of a recovering drug abuser, try this site: (Opens new window)
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Living in recovery with your alcoholic addict
Useful lessons for living with your alcoholic addict
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There are many “facts” about alcoholism and drug addiction that are simply not true. They are in fact myths.
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Ten Warning Signs of Alcoholism
Ten Warning Signs of Alcoholism.
Alcoholism Test
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Alcohol Abuse
What is alcohol abuse? What is alcoholism? How do they differ? Does it matter?
Alcoholic Family
Do you live n an alcoholic family? What are the characteristics of an alcoholic family?
Alcoholic Maze
The Alcoholic Maze is an exercise in experiencing what it is like to find yourself living with an alcoholic.
What is codependency?
Codependency Test
Codependency Test: Identify the degree to which your unhealthy codependent behavior is contributing to the problems in your alcoholic or addict relationship.
Discussion of enabling an its role in encouraging alcoholism and drug abuse.
Enabling Test
How can I tell if I am enabling my alcoholic or addict? Is there an enabling test?
Drug Abuse
What is drug abuse? What is substance abuse?
Drug Abuse Test
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Drug Abuse Types
What are the drug abuse types?
Finding Help
Finding help with alcoholism. Finding help with drug abuse.
For Children of Alcoholics or Addicts
For children of alcoholics or addicts
For The Parent of an Alcoholic or Addict
Information for the parent of an alcoholic or drug abusing child.
Share Your Alcoholic Addict Family Story
Share your alcoholic addict family story with others. This is often a key step towards improving your life situation.
Other Information
Other information related to alcohol addiction and drug addiction
Master Question List
Master Question List about living with or loving an alcoholic addict.
Humor & Quotes
Humor and quotes related to alcohol addiction and drug abuse
About Me
About me, the author of web site.
Contact Me
Provides a form to contact me and ask questions or submit comments.
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A site map of all pages on the site.