Codependency Test

Is there an codependency test?

There are various tests for codependency, most aimed at identifying the degree to which an individual is codependent. This test is a little different. It is intended to help you identify the degree to which your unhealthy codependent behavior is contributing to the problems in your alcoholic or addict relationship.

If you want a test for codependency that is less focused on alcoholic or drug addict relationships, try this General Codependency Test. The information in this site is intended to be useful for anyone with codependency issues, not just those involved with alcoholics or drug addicts.

Unhealthy codependents have difficulty developing and maintaining healthy independence in a relationship. In an alcoholic or addict relationship, this usually leads to enabling of the alcoholic’s drinking or the addict’s drugging behavior. The following codependency test will help you identify areas where your codependence may be contributing to the problem.

Are you unclear about what codependency is? Read this Codependency page and then come back to this test.

Codependency Test

  • Do you tend to believe your alcoholic’s or addict’s promises, even when they have repeatedly broken promises before?

  • Do you find yourself making excuses for your alcoholic or addict?

  • Do you give money to your alcoholic or addict to pay bills that they should pay for themselves?

  • Do you often feel lonely?

  • Do you avoid confronting your alcoholic or addict?

  • Do you try and fix your alcoholic’ or addict’s problems even if they don’t ask for help?

  • Do you have trouble saying no to your alcoholic or addict without feeling guilty?

  • Do you find yourself spying on your alcoholic or addict?

  • Is much of your time spent helping people who need you?

  • Do you need to feel needed?

  • Do you feel upset or angry if your alcoholic or addict tells you that they don’t want your help?

  • Has anyone repeatedly told you to stop trying to help them?

  • Do you feel responsible for you alcoholic’s or addict’s actions?

  • Do you lose sleep worrying about your alcoholic or addict?

  • Do you ever remind your alcoholic or addict that they need you?

  • Do you believe that you are obligated to help your alcoholic or addict?

  • Do you suppress your feelings about your alcoholic’s or addict’s behavior until eventually you explode with anger?

  • Do you sometimes feel that your substance abuser’s drug or alcohol use is your fault?

  • Do you enable your alcoholic’s or addict’s substance abuse behavior?

  • Have you ever sabotaged your substance abuser’s attempts at recovery?

  • Do you every feel ashamed of your alcoholic or addict?

  • Do you often give advice, even when it is not requested?

  • What did I learn?

    Did you answer Yes to three or more of these questions? If so, your relationship with your alcoholic or addict may be unhealthily codependent.

    You may want to consider counseling or getting involved with a group such as Codependents Anonymous (CODA).

    If you don’t address your unhealthy codependence, your alcoholic addict relationship will continue to be unnecessarily painful.

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