Ten Warning Signs of Alcoholism

What are ten warning signs of alcoholism?

Diagnosing alcoholism is generally considered something that needs to be done by a physician or other qualified professional. However, some people have inquired about some standard warning signs that they could look for.

This list is based on this site’s Alcoholism Test . If have observed more than one or two of the signs in this list you might want to take the full Alcoholism Test . You might also want to review the Signs of Alcohol Abuse which gives a different perspective.

Ten Warning Signs of Alcoholism

  1. Drinks four or more times per week.
  2. Has more than two drinks most of the time they drink.
  3. Sometimes has six or more drinks.
  4. Sometimes have trouble stopping once they start drinking.
  5. Drinking interferes with normal family interactions.
  6. Sometimes wants a drink in the morning, especially after drinking heavily the night before.
  7. Sometimes is apologetic after drinking.
  8. Sometimes cannot remember what happened when they were drinking.
  9. Someone has been injured as a result of drinking.
  10. A friend, relative or professional has suggested that they cut down their drinking.

My alcoholic had seven of these signs before I started looking for help. I was so in denial that my pain had to be pretty severe before I finally admitted that I had a problem. If you think you have a problem, I encourage you to start looking for answers earlier rather than later. Alcoholism is a progressive disease. It always gets worse unless something changes.

Ultimately the key question is not whether your loved one is an alcoholic. The important question is this:

Is their drinking negatively affecting the family?

If the answer is yes, then you have a problem, regardless any official determination of whether or not your loved one is alcoholic.

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